We deliver yummy Polish pierogis
to your home
Thank you for your constant support for our business. As you know, due to the pandemic we have faced some hardships but are finding new ways to keep our business alive. We would now like to present to you our new idea of providing Polish delicacies, such as pierogi and kluski (potato dumplings).
Chicago, as you know, is one of the largest Polish metropolises where immigrants and descendants have also transferred their tradition here where they produce some of the best pierogi in the USA.
Through us, you can buy the products listed below, the price of which already includes delivery.
pyzy z boczkiem
Below is the menu and prices with included delivery. The items are packaged and frozen and very easy to cook when following directions.
We are very excited to be sharing this idea with you and hope it can prove successful. You can order now by replying to this email. Please state what products you want and how many.
Nalesniki opakowanie
uszka na talerzu
uszka opakowane